Capstone Projects


DIG-230 New Media Production

New Media Production, or Capstone is the final class that students are required to take, and it is also the most important. In this class, students are tasked with coming up with an idea for a Capstone project that encompasses all of the different aspects of New Media. Only a limited number of projects are chosen by members of a panel made up of professors from the Visual Arts programs. Once these projects are selected, the Team Lead will choose a Co-Lead and will also assign roles to other members of the class. These projects are worked on for the entire semester and are sometimes worked on with the Gaming Program and Design students. The projects are presented to the public at the end of the spring semester at an event held in Stage 14 at FLCC. Use the naigation above to link to the Capstone projects that have been selected since the first presentation in 2012.

(Note: because there have been so many projects created over the years, some information may be missing or incorrect.)