Welcome to the Interactive Book of New Media! Inside you will find projects created by past and present new media students from Finger Lakes Community College in Canandaigua, New York. These projects include those from the classes that new media majors are required to take to complete their associate degree. This book also includes every Capstone project that has been created over the years, as well as a list of professors that teach new media courses, and jobs that new media students can apply for upon graduation.

New media is based on the fundamentals of modern-day digital creation. It is split into three parts: coding, design, and video production. Each project in this book was made using at least one of these elements, which is especially evident in the Capstone projects.

Each spring, the graduating new media class is tasked with coming up with an idea for a major project that combines all of the skills that they learned over the past three semesters. Only about 3-4 projects are selected and worked on for twelve weeks until the final public presentation takes place at the college. This book happens to be one of the projects that was picked and it was pitched by myself (Gabrielle Groves) during a New Media Production class in 2021. The idea came about when I thought of creating a new media portfolio, but one that covered the entire history of the program and had interactive features to capture the attention of those reading it. Throughout this book, you will see QR codes that can be scanned using your phone and will allow you to view the new media projects in more detail.

I hope that you enjoy this book and hope that it will inspire you to create projects of your own! (Remember to take the survey using the QR code at the end of the book to let us know what you think of it!)

-Gabrielle Groves, Team Lead