Capstone Projects


2021 Capstone

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Tech Support

“Tech Support” was a short film created by Team Lead Mitchell Steedman and Co-Lead Hugh Laird. It follows college students Sam and Matt as they attempt to complete their schoolwork on the computer. That is, until, the computer (aptly named Mac) decides to try to take over the world, starting with room 2420 and the students in it. Sam and Matt must find a way to stop Mac, which may involve cutting a few wires.

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Captured VR

FLCC Logging Sports was a 3D video game based on the Logging Sports team at FLCC. It was created by Richard Lomb and co-lead Codi Logan.

The game included 4 different levels, which involved the various events that the FLCC logging team competes in.

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The Interactive Book of New Media

The Interactive Book of New Media (which you are currently reading right now) is the most recent Capstone project, as of 2021. The book encapsulates the entire New Media program at FLCC and includes an inside look into each class and project that New Media majors take.

There are two versions of this book: a digital one, available online, and a physical one, available on-campus at FLCC. In addition to these books, the FLCC New Media website was also updated to include more recent projects and to fill in any gaps.