I've always had a passion for design work and I would love to find a use for it in the real world one day. I also have a keen eye on working for the government so we'll see where life takes me in a year or two!

Christian Figueroa

After graduation Bri plans to finish her New Media degree at Cortland University. "I can't wait to use all the skills that I've learned in my major."

Brianna Cardina

Following graduation Codey will be moving downstate to work for a production company.

Codey Dingfield

Following graduation Ty plans to move to California to pursue a job in photography or videography.

Tyler Jacob

Taylor will be going to RIT next year majoring in New Media Marketing and minoring in public relations. Upon receiving her bachelors she will be continuing to earn a masters in marketing.

Taylor Perez

Bennetts plans for the future involve continuing to study New Media Interactive Developent at RIT.

Bennett Schoonerman

After FLCC Adam plans to transfer to a four year college and pursue a Bachelor's Degree in New Media. Then he intends to take a career path in Video Production.

Adam Ciarkoski

Spring Class of 2016

Ashley plans to continue her medical degree. After achieving a nursing certification she may look into photograhy.

Ashley Hall

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